Jonathan A. Navarro

Jonathan A. Navarro

Communications, Marketing, and Education Professional.

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Communications, Education, and Environmental Programs Professional

Accomplished professional with expertise in communications, program management, marketing, and environmental education outreach. Proven creative and technological talent demonstrating effective marketing strategies and designing educational outreach campaigns. Strong understanding of environmental issues and efforts to promote sustainable organizations within a community.

Areas of expertise include the following: environmental education, e-marketing, social marketing, data collection & analysis, grant writing, independent project management, crafting unique educational tools, creating educational support materials for teachers, web publishing & up-to-date technologies, video production, media development & production, social marketing & branding, supervising multiple staff, non-profit management, and more.

Nice to “meet you.

I am an educator and pragmatic environmentalist.  I love to teach and learn news ways to communicate with a variety of different people.

Most often at work, I get things done through partnerships.  Partnerships with environmental organizations, MPOs, non-profits, teachers, schools, and really anyone who wants to improve the environment. By supporting environmental education and working to empower others to take positive actions in their communities, I help ensure a high-quality of life here in North Carolina.  If I can help you or your organization in any way, please get in touch by clicking the “Contact” tab on the top of this page.  I look forward to actually meeting you.

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