Nice to “meet” you.   A few things about me.  I am a marketing, communications, and education professional working in the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina.  I get results through strategic planning, clear communications, efficient execution, and partnerships.   By leveraging multiple efforts, people and resources, I’m able to expand the reach of our organization’s messages and reach our goals more effectively.  Three E’s describe many of my personal and professional interests: Education, Environment, and Engagement with others.  When I am not working you might find me at a local coffee or hiking in the woods some place in North Carolina.  If not there, I could be out on the tennis court or playing at a park with my family.


Accomplished professional with expertise in marketing, communications, communications, program management, and environmental education. Proven creative and technological talent demonstrating effective marketing strategies and designing educational outreach campaigns. Strong understanding of environmental issues and efforts to promote sustainable organizations within a community.

Experience with the following: environmental education, e-marketing, social marketing, data collection & analysis, grant writing, independent project management, crafting unique educational tools, creating educational support materials for teachers, web publishing and website maintenance, video production, media development & production, brand management, supervising multiple staff, non-profit management, and more.

Currently I am a serving as an Environmental Senior Specialist with the North Carolina Department of Environment Quality’s (DEQ) Division of Air Quality (DAQ).  I am the team leader for our education and outreach initiatives and projects. We work to communicate with the public about air pollution issues, reduce air pollution through private/public partnerships, and coordinate local efforts to change individual behaviors.  By supporting environmental education and working to empower others to take positive actions in their communities, I contribute to a high-quality of life here in North Carolina.  I work with companies to increase their positive impacts which benefit both their employees and the environment.  I work closely with a variety of partners to maximize our programs successes.  Partners include: private businesses, MPOs, non-profits, teachers, schools, local and federal government partners. I also love working with individuals who want to improve the environment or discover better ways to interact, communicate, and reach a variety of audiences.

I recently obtained my MBA from the NC State Poole School of Management’s Jenkins MBA program.  It was a demanding program that allowed me to gain invaluable tools to enhance not only my marking and communications skills, but also enhance a variety of organizations.  In addition to the coursework I took to complete my MBA’s Marketing Management concentration, I focused on how organizations can have a positive impact on communities, employees, and the natural environment.

I try and be active with local organizations and non-profits by helping them with communication and marketing efforts. I have served on various boards including; Environmental Educators of North Carolina (EENC) serving as Co-Chair of the Communication and Marketing Committee and for the Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, I strive to improve the community in which I live, work, and play.   If I can help you or your organization in any way, please get in touch by heading to the contact page.  I look forward to actually meeting you.  I love to talk about technology, marketing, education, and about ways to improve our environment and greater community.  Drop me a line to start a conversation.